About us

We, Chris and Dirk Wenning, come from Crosewick, near Vreden, in the beautiful Münsterland region. Here we run a farm with pigs and produce biogas.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Around 20 years ago, our father, Franz Wenning, developed a double-piston pump out of necessity - the technology available on the market from the biogas sector did not appeal to him. With success: the pump model was sold worldwide.
Since then, we have been investing in the further development and revision of the pump, as the demands in the biogas sector are constantly increasing.

Great interest thanks to low wear and tear

A major problem with the previous technology was the enormous wear and tear, which is associated with high costs. A problem that prompted various system operators to approach us and look around for new pump technology. In the end, they were won over by our technology: customer satisfaction thanks to pumps that run flawlessly for over 15 years.

In order to satisfy operators who work with thick substrates and high pressure, we further developed our pumps and increased their pressure to over 15 bar.

Today, our pumps are ready for series production.